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A case study is often part of a selection process, especially for consulting jobs. The task is action-oriented and decision-oriented. In doing so, the applicant takes the position of a decision-maker who faces a particular problem. By means of a case study, the staffers want to know how adeptly someone can deal with complex problems under time pressure.
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Advantages of case study help online

In many companies, a case study is a common element in the selection process, for example in the assessment center for the placement of a trainee position or for jobs in a company consulting. A case study can take place both in written form and in an interactive question & answer interview. The challenge in the case study is to solve one or more business-related cases in a short time. In doing so, one has to look into the role of a consultant or managing director and answer the question of which decisions are most sensible from the company’s point of view.
So what is a case study in psychology or in another subject? How can I solve it? Do not worry: More important than the exact solution of a Case Study is to proceed analytically, to represent the decisions and solutions logically comprehensibly and finally to justify it well.

The following rules apply to the solution of a case study:

  • Go quietly and systematically to the tasks.
  • Read the text carefully.
  • Make key points to the most important data.

When you present your results or case study solution, it is immensely important to justify all decisions. This makes the solution clear not only for itself, but also for the HR manager. The employee must be able to understand how the candidate has come to the solution.
It usually makes a good impression when the results are vividly presented. For example, a PowerPoint presentation, a board or a flipchart can help.
Especially in the case study interview: Do not let yourself be confused, be concrete in the answers and represent your point of view self-confidently – only that will be noticeable to the personel positively.

Types of case study

A case study is often designed as a single task. It can, however, also be designed as a group task, if staffers want to test the team’s ability and willingness to cooperate. Case study topics: a distinction is made between shortfalls and longer case studies.
Shortfalls consist of several shorter problems, which are processed one after the other. On the other hand, longer cases contain comprehensive information material on a complex problem. Large-scale testing can take several hours or even a whole day.
In content, almost all case studies can be assigned to the three case study examples”Business Cases”, “Market Size Estimations” and “Brainteaser”.
In order to solve problems in a structured manner, we recommend the following procedure in which you ask yourself five questions about writing your case study online and orientate your actions according to the answers:

  1. Do I solve the right problem?
  2. Do I have the right structure?
  3. What action alternatives are there?
  4. What are the relevant framework conditions?
  5. Do I make sense of my time?

Case Study Homework Help Structure

An efficient case study has a standard structure. It consists of:

  • Introduction, where the writer should state the main problems and suggest a thesis statement.
  • Background, where you should mention important facts and issues and show that you have conducted a detailed research on the topic.
  • Alternatives that either exist or not. If there are any alternatives, they are to be mentioned.
  • Solutions, where the most reasonable solution must be provided, explains and supported with evidence.
  • Recommendations that include strategies and approaches how to achieve a suggested solution. It is necessary to state both who will do that and what exactly is to be done.

As you can see it is not a simple task to compose an effective case study. It is necessary to know numerous unique peculiarities for the paper to be convincing. That is why an online help with case study can be the only right choice.

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