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Help me with an essay about race

An example of an essay on race topic.

Every living creature knows for itself which breed it belongs to, for this is born of his innate instinct. It is this simplest and indisputable natural science fact that underlies science such as racology. The desire to study the breeds of living beings with the senses and the mental ways of the breed to which the researcher belongs, is the main motivation for the creation of this science. We can say that its prerequisites are rooted in the instinctive essence of each organism. Evaluating by analogy with their flesh, spirit, desires and passions of everyone surrounding, each living creature creates its own hierarchy of values, accepting itself as a standard.

The internal biological principle, transmitted by generations of ancestors, who immortalized their type by the incessant struggle for existence, is the vector creating the eternal image of the race. Race, or the breed, is the base from which every living creature begins invading this world, announcing it at the birth of a newborn cry, as if calling for an attack. “I am, and you, all the others, are now obliged to reckon with this fact,” he proclaims to the world, barely gaining freedom of will and fate.

The idea of one’s place in nature for every organism is a priority life task. And it is the definition of this place in the natural hierarchy of being aimed at the cognitive methods of racology. When considering races, it seeks first of all to determine the quality of human material, for it determines the biological value and viability of each person.

If the scope of the competence of physical anthropology includes the study of certain quantitative characteristics of the human body in its racial variations, in the case of racology, their qualitative assessment comes to the forefront. Differences in the cephalic index of representatives of different races or the concentration of certain hormones and proteins are not of interest to theology in and of themselves, but only in the context of the social, cultural and political interpretation of these data. Thus, the establishment of a regular connection between the quality of human material and its historical manifestations is the main task of racology.

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This nodal, natural-philosophical accent that makes it one of the most honorable and privileged natural sciences disciplines, because racology teaches each individual effective struggle for the possession of vital resources, based on knowledge of his own inherited inclinations and hereditary predispositions of biological competitors. The strategy of the struggle for existence, she argues through the maximum use of the racial characteristics of his group in confronting the racial traits of biological competitors for the “place under the sun.” There are “they” and there are “we”, so it was and always will be.

Racology in the structure of the natural sciences fulfills the function of the immune system by analogy with the functions of the organism. The maximum successful confrontation with foreign afflictions and infections is the direct and only task. The purpose of applying its scientific methods is to recognize and neutralize all alien influences that penetrate the range of their race, no matter at what level they appear.

A person who does not have a racial instinct is like a dog who does not know how to bite and bark, a cat that does not catch mice, or a tomato that does not have the taste or smell of a tomato. A person who does not have a pronounced racial instinct is at least at the first stage of degeneration, since the racial instinct is the core of evolution. Human society is fully subordinated to the laws of thermodynamics, and any forms of racial mixing inevitably lead to entropy. Natural inequality is the cause of any cultural, social and political movement in general.


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