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Who can write my essay about health


An example of an essay about health.


Everyone thinks that he will live long. If you ask a direct question to a person: “Does he want to live long and be healthy?” the majority will answer in the affirmative. But if you understand the fact that a person does for this, it turns out that this goal is not even visible behind a long list of other priorities. Many factors depend on the person himself, but also on many other factors that do not depend on him. Therefore, there are many recipes for longevity.

One way of life that leads to a deterioration in health, fatigue, dissatisfaction with life is the following: early to rise without waking up to go to work or school, eat to failure, and bad habits are general a separate topic. Quarrels with relatives, envy of other people, impatience with neighbor. For many, the main priorities, the goals of life – is the purchase of fashion or status items. Rest – at the TV. The best day off is a shish kebab or a shopping trip.

In this situation, the body tries to signal to a person through illness, nervous disorders that it is necessary to change something. For the treatment of diseases it is customary to use medications that often also do not help the body, but help a person to get distracted from the problems of the body and such a separation, in the end does not go to plus anyone. Women are characterized by overeating, using a lot of sweets to avoid problems, for men – alcohol, cigarette. A very sad landscape, but it’s not about it, but about a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you will be surprised that we started the topic of health with life values and psychological problems, but we believe that the connection between them and health is very significant.

A healthy or harmonious lifestyle or, briefly, health is the harmony of the body, and it can be achieved through harmony in life. It consists of the balance of work and leisure, proper nutrition, physical activity, avoiding bad habits, observing personal hygiene, hardening, good relationships with loved ones, the joy of life. The recipe is difficult and simple at the same time.

To maintain normal physical activity, one must do a lot of physical labor, do not give way to laziness, force yourself to find new activities and hobbies, create beauty at home and at work. After all, in a healthy body is a healthy mind.

General tips what to include in an essay about health:

And here are some practical tips for a healthy lifestyle:

Decide for yourself that you are leading a healthy lifestyle and stick to this decision;

Do not go to extremes;

If you are overweight, then help your body, regain weight;

Calmness, discretion, joy – manifest these qualities;

Smile, this powerful practice, which should not be underestimated;

Pay attention and take care of native people;

Choose a job that would be interesting to you, and a company that has a team spirit that suits you. It is important that at the same time it brings more money, otherwise it will be like a workout without food;

Spend more time in nature;

Choose active rest;

Sleep 8 hours a day, it is also a simple but very effective advice for maintaining health;

Get rid of bad habits: smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs.

Be happy!


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